The Gladiator

The Gladiator was the first enclosed cockpit and last biplane fighter introduced into RAF service. Although it saw operational service at home it was most successfully employed overseas particularly in the defence of Malta. At the outbreak of the Second World War four home based RAF fighter squadrons were still equipped with Gladiators.

The Gladiator was involved in a number of famous actions abroad during the early war years; operations from a frozen lake in Norway, and early operations in Greece and North Africa, and the defence of Malta.
Malta's History

Malta - WWII
The Italian declaration of war challenged the British supremacy of the Mediterranean, a supremacy hinged on Gibraltar, Malta and Alexandria. While Gibraltar was never under direct attack, Alexandria and to a deadlier degree Malta were hit repetitively by Axis attacks, the thrusts towards the Suez Canal for the former, and the 1940/42 Blitz for the latter, which made the island of Malta the heaviest bombed place on earth.
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More About Malta
Where is Malta?
The Maltese Islands are a group of small, barren rocks, jutting out of the middle of the dark blue Mediterranean sea.
Who were they?
The men who fought to hold the island and protect the people.
What's the movie about?
This film highlights Malta's early phase in WWII as it follows the conflict through the lives of three RAF pilots.
Music from the Movie