Who were they?

In order to tell the story of "Faith, Hope, and Charity" dramatically, it was necessary to deviate from the precise historical record. Nevertheless, the 'heart' of the story, specifically the dedication and bravery of the pilots against overwhelming odds, is true. The three pilots shown in "Faith, Hope, and Charity" were among seven at Malta who were trained in flying the Gladiator aircraft and available at the start of hostilities on 11 June 1940. During the first weeks of combat, Flight Lieutenant George Burges, Flying Officer John Waters, and Flying Officer 'Timber' Woods flew the overwhelming majority of combat sorties, with lesser levels of participation by other pilots.

The three pilots flew primarily three specific Gladiator aircraft, serial numbers N5531, N5520, and N5519 (N5519R). The aircraft were not individually assigned to any specific pilot, but were flown as their availability dictated on any particular day or sortie. Note that in "Faith, Hope, and Charity", the serial numbers were fictionalized/modified as 5531H (Hope), 5520F(Faith) and 5519C(Charity).

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