The Synopsis

   Wingmen Productions is proud to present Faith Hope and Charity, a machinima film two years in the making. This film, inspired by actual events, tells the story of the defense of the island of Malta during WWII.

   Malta, part of the British Commonwealth, is actually a small group of islands in the Mediterranean Sea, about half way between Sicily and the northern coast of Africa. On June 12, 1940, the day after Italy declared war on Britain, the Italians began a prolonged campaign of aerial bombardments against Malta.

   This film highlights the early phase of that conflict as it follows the lives of three RAF pilots: George Burges, John Waters and Timber Woods. These pilots flew Gloster Sea Gladiator biplanes in the heroic defense of the island against more modern Italian fighters and bombers. In all, about six Gladiators were involved in the fighting--some were cannibalized for parts--but only three could ever be scrambled for a single sortie. The legend that arose from that conflict immortalized three of the Gladiators, nicknamed Faith, Hope and Charity.

   It is important to point out that this film is not a documentary. While the story it tells was inspired by actual people and events, we found it necessary to change certain facts for dramatic purposes. Those interested in the full history behind the battle for Malta are invited to read a summary here at our Web site under the History tab. A more complete history can be found at www.wikipedia.org under Siege of Malta (1940). We would encourage you to enjoy the movie first, as the histories will give away important elements of the films story.

Music from the Movie